Your big day is nearly here and there is so much for you to look forward to. Weddings can be a magical dream! From the day you found out you have a special day to connect to your partner and celebrate your love and happiness with each other to a gathering of your friends and family. The day of the wedding is full of so much to bring joy, with seeing and speaking to all your guests and taking memorable pictures with them, to enjoying your lunch and dinner and having special connections with everyone, even with a lovely (or funny) speech to a dance.

However, we completely understand that organising a wedding can also be stressful. Sometimes even confusing as there is so much to do. A main element of weddings is the food for the day. While we make our own food at home mostly each day, catering for larger numbers can be exhausting and very time consuming. This is why we are here to help!

With bite sized food, canapés, fruit, cakes, cupcakes, desserts, macarons, sandwiches and many more, the options are endless. Food brings so much more love to any gathering. It is a great occasion to be excited for the day even more.

Simply contact us today and we can organise the food for you. We simply need to know how many guests you will have throughout the day and what food options you would be interested for us to provide. We will then supply some options, with different costings and sizes, as well as ideas and make the day even more special. No stress to have to cook on the day. Just let us do this for you and you can enjoy your magical day with your partner and guests.

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