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Children’s parties are always fun, with friends, family and lots of games & presents. Add on some super yummy finger licking food and the day is even more magical! Our Children’s Catering can be chosen through lots of tasty options, ensuring both adults and children enjoy every bite.

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Children’s parties with food options

So many food options to make your children’s birthday even more special! Our food listed is available for both children and adults, with even more options which can be chosen from our catering or Enchanted Afternoon Teas (for children) as well. This includes a selection of meaty and vegetarian food and cakes, with healthier options available as well. Vegan, Gluten Free and Nut Free are also available on a slight amendment, depending on the food choices.

Our catering options vary to impress you all, with tasty sweet and savory options. This includes sandwiches (always a popular choice), rainbow bagels (the absolute coolist look possible), sausages with cheese and crackers (even adults are obsessed with this), cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks (a great grab for a quick healthy snack and continue all the fun) and favourite smoothies. You can also add on cupcake choices with lots of different tastes or our whole cakes, which include a large selection of our chocolate or carrot cakes, due to different designs and fillings.

Food amendments

Any queries for our menu, food amendments for your fillings preferred or any allergies, please email us. Contact us before placing your order to confirm what we can assist you with. We require a minimum of 1 weeks notice for all of our orders (more notice required for over £1000 spend). However, please contact us via email or phone if you have less notice. If we are able to assist you, we will try our best!

Enjoy your children’s parties!

Enjoy the food and your child’s magical event with a list of mouth-watering, fresh and loving made food or drinks like fruit shoots. We are happy to add on more food if these are options we are able to assist with. We love working with you to make sure your event planned is as easy as possible for you and can relax and bring you and your family and friends all the fun!


Food options

Rainbow bagels, Cucumber, Carrot & Pepper sticks, Finger sandwiches, Sausages, cheddar cheese & crackers, Innocent Smoothie (Raspberry, apple and strawberry), Fruit shoot (Apple & Blackcurrant)


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