Wedding favours


Looking for a gorgeous, flavoursome gift to add on your special day? We have the perfect options for you, with more availability for other desserts. Just send us an email to discuss further!

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Wedding Favours

Weddings are so special, a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. When family, friends and relatives join, traditions and customs may vary with each event. What we do know, however, is that food is always involved one way or another, whether it is a large dinner or gorgeous afternoon teas. Due to this special day, we have created a section for Wedding dessert options.  They are always a love for groups on an exceptional day, with a unforgettable memory.



Our truffles are a traditional dessert option, beautiful, tasty and rare to find in the UK at a wedding, parties or even events. That’s why we had to add these to our list, having grown up with them ourselves in Cyprus. Made mainly with chocolate, cocoa powder and cream, they are a ‘small’ dessert compared to cake slices but are so rich in comparison! The truffles can be sold singulary (minimum of 20 to purchase) or as gifts per person. These are stored on a lollipop stick, in a cellophane bag and finished off with a ribbon – beautiful as a gift.



We have been making cupcakes for years, with a different look, taste and decoration. During a wedding, cupcakes can be displayed in a more delightful way, letting everyone know how you feel on such an unforgettable day. Our cupcakes can be made in an array of colours and flavours, ensuring that they taste and look amazing! We will speak with you to create a beautiful selection of desserts, exactly as you like them.


Macarons not only look the part, but they also taste the part! They can be displayed at a wedding or event in different colours and flavours, easy to hand pick and enjoy as well as create an unforgettable photographic scene. Macarons are ideal for both children and adults, with colours everyone would comment on. They can be used for weddings as well as baby showers – perfect gifts for any event. Please note, macarons contain nuts with all flavours.


Placing an order

Our Macarons, Truffles and Cupcakes (decorated option) can be ordered at a minimum of 20. Please contact us to place your order for larger events, such as weddings. We can disuss the pricing and varied options for your special day.

Wedding favours

Macarons, Macarons packaged seperately, Cupcakes with decoration, Truffles, Truffles packaged seperately


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